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San Antonio’s River Walk is a vacation unto itself with places to stay, play and discover. The Paseo del Rio enchants with its festive lights and lush park setting. This urban oasis, one level below street traffic, is open 365 days a year. Here are a few of the must-sees on the River Walk:

River Boats

The quintessential San Antonio River Walk experience begins with one of the 35-minute, narrated boat tours. These open-air boats are the best way to take in the River Walk. Along the 2.5 mile route you’ll see sites at a leisurely pace, which is the way they are best enjoyed. Keep your eyes open and your camera ready for the Alamo, the site of a heroic struggle against tremendous odds; and the stunning Romanesque Revival architecture of the Bexar County Courthouse, the longest continually operating courthouse in Texas.

If you prefer to go at your own pace, step aboard a Rio taxi. These boats are similar to the touring boats, but they stop at over 39 locations on the River Walk. Tickets can be purchased onboard (one-way, all-day or three-day options available) so you can hop on and off at your leisure.

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It would be nice to have seven different sauce pans and miles of counter space for the ideal gourmet kitchen. But when you are working in a recreational vehicle, gourmet cooking can be a challenge. Here’s how you can cook like a gourmet chef in your RV.

Investing in the Essential Cookware

To learn what the cooking essentials are for your RV, let’s start with what the Canadian Living Test Kitchen team says you need at a minimum:

  • Large skillet
  • Small skillet
  • Medium sauce pan
  • Dutch oven

Ashley Marcin of Wise Bread gives a great rundown of her experience with the different types of pots and pans, but if you want to get the best performance, get a set made of copper or at least one with a copper core. These will heat up faster than nonstick, more evenly than aluminum, and won’t scorch like stainless steel.

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While San Antonio, Texas is filled with must-see architecture, and perhaps the most popular architectural landmarks are the five Spanish colonial missions. These missions, the largest collection in North America, are nominees as World Heritage Sites because of their cultural significance to the region.

The Alamo

Possibly the most famous mission in Texas is the Alamo, also known as Mission San Antonio de Valero. Settlers chose the present location of the mission in 1724. From then until 1793, the mission served as a safe place for Native Americans and the Spanish. However, as the population began to decline, the land was sold and turned the mission into a military garrison.

It was here, on March 6, 1836, that all defenders of the Alamo (including notable figures such as Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie) died in a battle of the Texas Revolution. In 1936, the entire complex received a renovation and expansion to include a museum and a memorial.

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RVs offer an exciting way to travel the country on your own schedule, but they’re also huge investments. Once you decide to buy an RV, you’ll want to keep it in great condition by following these 4 tips.

1. Store Your RV in a Covered Area

The roof of your RV takes a lot of abuse from the sun and weather. Just one hailstorm could cause thousands of dollars in repairs.

By storing your RV in a covered area, you help protect the roof from damage. If you don’t have a garage that’s large enough for your RV, park under a steel roof.

If you drive your RV throughout the year, then you should check the roof regularly. Unfortunately, a lot of damage goes unnoticed because people just don’t look at their roofs very often.


2. Open Vents to Keep the RV Cool

A hot summer’s day can put your RV through hell. Heat can negatively affect anything that uses adhesives. That includes your floor, wall coverings, and seals.

If you plan to leave your RV parked in the hot sun, make sure you open the vents so the air can flow easily. This will help keep the temperature down, so that you don’t have to spend money on interior repairs.

3. Keep Moisture Out!

You do not want moisture in your RV. Given the right conditions, that moisture could turn into mold, which can create serious health problems.

It doesn’t take much work to keep an RV’s interior dry. Start by checking all the vehicle’s seals, especially those that run along the doors, windows, and roof.

If the seals look worn, cracked, or discolored, then it’s time to replace them. A little maintenance could save you a lot of hard work and money.

If you already have mold in your RV, you’ll need to scrub the affected area with a mixture of bleach and water. Throw away any brushes or sponges that you use while cleaning. They can hold spores that will cause mold to grow somewhere else in your RV.

4. Wash Your RV Regularly

Cleaning your RV regularly can help prevent rust and mold. It also gives you a chance to look at the RV up close so you can spot early damage.

You’ll want to start on top of the RV. Use a soft bristle brush to clean the area. Look at all the seals while you’re up there. Second, wash the sides and back of the RV with a soft-bristle brush and a washing soap made specifically for vehicles. A lot of dirt can accumulate near seals, so check them carefully.

The front of the RV presents some challenges as well. You’ll likely encounter a lot of smashed bugs. It’s gross, but you need to remove them before they clog your engine. A wet dryer sheet removes bugs pretty well.

Finally, you need to clean the wheels and undercarriage. Use a stiff brush to remove debris from moving parts. Then give it a good blast with a high-pressure wash. You can then add lubricant to keep parts in good shape during long drives.

How do you keep your RV in top condition? Have you ever seen a neglected RV that just needed some attention? How would you fix it up?


RV Buying - Fun Motors

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If you’re considering buying a RV, there are a lot of things you’ll need to keep in mind. RVs aren’t created equal, and you need to make sure that you get one that will work for you and your family. Some of the considerations include cost, gas mileage, features, and size.

1. Sized for Your Family

There are many different sizes of RVs. Because of this, you need to make sure that you get the right size right for your family. A small RV works great for a single person or a husband and wife. However, if there are several children in your family, or if you regularly vacation with other adults, you may want to consider a larger RV.

There are towable and pop up options that may work for small families, but these give you very limited space and options. Mini motorhomes or class A motorhomes are great for more people, ranging from 20 feet to 40 feet long.

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Recreational vehicles are big trailers made for big things, like hauling a caravan of family and friends. However, big vehicles do tend to come with big problems, but have no fear, most of the everyday issues with RVs are relatively easy to fix. If you’re looking for the DIY tools to get your motor home back on the road, then read on for common, easy-to-make RV repairs.

Problem: The Roof Leaks

RV roofs can be made from multiple materials. Rubber, fiberglass, and aluminum are most common. Over time, any material that’s exposed to the elements may wear down to reveal a small hole that produces a leak. If you find yourself with rain on the inside of your RV, you may need a patch.

How to Fix: First, choose your bonding agent, or the material you’ll use to fill in the hole. EternaBond® is great because it adheres to any RV roof. Depending on the bonding agent you choose, you may need to sand and clean the affected area first, and then apply a material patch, such as tape, and then the sealant. Note: EternaBond® requires no sanding. Once you apply the bonding per the manufacturer’s instructions, the patch could take up to 24 hours to cure.

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Motor homes are a great way to travel and see the world without leaving the comfort of a home. An RV provides home comforts without breaking your bank. Whether you’re a first-time or seasoned traveler, you’ll love exploring the continent with your family and loved ones in an RV. If you’re on the fence about buying an RV, check out a few factors to consider that can help you reach a decision.

1. How to Choose the Right Size

Buying an RV is like buying a home on wheels, so size matters. Guiding questions to think about include:

  • Why are you buying the RV and what are you using it for?
  • When will you be traveling and for how long?
  • Who will be traveling with you?

Smaller RVs might be cozy for shorter trips while larger RVs might be better for longer, cross-country trips. Similarly, you might need to pack more things for winter traveling or you might have more company in the summer when the entire family has time off. Asking yourself these basic questions can naturally help you decide how big of an RV you want.

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Music Festivals for RV Lovers - Fun Motors

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After a long winter, you start losing yourself in dreams of travel, warm weather, and music—but what if you could combine all three things? If you have an RV, you’re probably extra eager

to hit the road, but instead of saving yourself for campsites, why not expand your horizons and let your wheels carry you to where the music plays?

Head South by Southwest

Austin’s music scene is incredible, and SXSW, or South by Southwest, is one of its signature festivals. Because of the sheer scope, there are camping grounds and RV hot spots galore, both in Austin and the surrounding towns. Wherever you are, you’ll discover beautiful views, hospitable people, and a raw, wide-open cultural scene the likes of which you can’t imagine unless you go.

SXSW is an excellent place to discover new bands and musical acts, so you may come away with a new favorite. Of course, you’ll also leave the festival with your RV thrumming with the tunes of all your current favorites, such as Echosmith, Action Bronson, and Big Freedia. This is your best bet if you start getting the itch to hit the road around March.

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So you want to buy an RV, but where do you start? RVs come in plenty of different shapes and sizes, with all kinds of different amenities. What kind of RV you choose depends largely on your intended use. Are you going to live in it permanently? Are you planning on using it for constant, epic road trips? Or do you think it will end up sitting in your yard most of the time? Here we’ll explore some tips when trying to find the best RV for you.

Ask Other Owners

There’s no way to immediately determine which RV will work out best for you. So ask a fellow RV owner. It’s one of the best ways to get a jump on things. You do have to take their word with caution, though. Many people put a lot of pride into their RVs, especially considering how much money, time and effort goes into owning one. Ask lots of different owners if you can, and notice their lifestyle to get an idea of how different types of RVs play out for different people.

Choose a Class

Of the motorized homes, you can choose from Class A, B or C. Let’s see what this means.


Class A homes come in different varieties, from basic starter homes to huge luxurious vehicles. Class A means the vehicle is built in integrations with a self-propelled motorized chassis. It always has some form of cooking, a self-contained toilet, a water and electrical system, and somewhere to sleep. It’s also built-in with the “cabin” area of the vehicle. This creates a nice, all-encompassing experience, but makes it hard to get around while camping.

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Expensive RVs - Fun Motors

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Even a relatively cheap recreational vehicle can cost quite a bit of money. Just wait until you see how much the world’s most expensive RVs cost. They will put the prices of other vehicles into perspective!

Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo

Price: About $3 million

If you want a rolling mansion, prepare to spend about $3 million on the Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo.

What could an RV possibly have that makes it worth so much money? Well, it does come with:

  • a retractable roof deck
  • a master bedroom that includes a kitchen and bar area
  • a wireless command center
  • 430 square feet of living space

Inside, you’ll find the kind of luxury that you wouldn’t expect from the typical RV. This behemoth has a roof terrace with a heated floor. That’s pretty amazing.

Unfortunately, the eleMMent Palazzo has a hideous exterior (It looks a little like a deep-sea fish trying to catch a meal). Perhaps that’s the only way Marchi Mobile could include all that space and fancy features. Still, its futuristic look (not to mention its huge price tag) will turn plenty of people off.

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